It’s been awhile sine I’ve gotten to go on a foodie excursion where I could dress up and dine fancy – and so the occasion of my company’s birthday called for a visit to Toronto’s Own Drake Legacy – Fring’s. I have seen so many pictures of this restaurant – particularly the bright and vibrant “6 On A Wave” sign, which has done its purpose to attract customers for photo aesthetics. I am happy to document my phenomenal experience here, for all foodie utopians to read!

Upon arrival into the restaurant, I could already tell that my company and I were going to be pampered to perfection. The service was very kind and checked my reservation for dinner swiftly, and escorted us to a great table, centered in the middle of the restaurant. The table was fully polished with a pristine, white “Fring’s” plate sitting directly in front of me, a nicely folded white cloth,  along with our utensils for the night. One thing I didn’t like, though minor, was the fact that the restaurant was a bit dark – with dimmed lights in the surrounding area and a candle at individual tables. However, I’m sure that this is simply a personal bias – I’m sure many enjoy the moody, relaxing feel that this restaurant was displaying.

Our waitress, Coco, handed us a menu and was happy to explain anything on the menu, even throwing in some recommendations (as any good service in restaurants would do). 


Upon Coco’s recommendation for drinks that night, I grabbed myself a Passionfruit Lemonade – I solely chose this drink because it reminded me of Drake’s song track “Passionfruit” on More Life. It seemed appropriate to have this sweet and refreshing beverage right in his restaurant! I thoroughly enjoyed this drink to sip on while waiting for our food and talking to my company for the evening.

Soon enough our first item came to the table, we got the recommended half a dozen oysters which were coming from New Brunswick, as a shareable dish between the two of us. Accompanying the oysters were the classical cocktail sauce, seafood sauce, lemon and horseradish for seasoning the oysters to taste. You could tell that the oysters were very fresh, and I also was appealed by the reasonable size of the oysters as well – making me feel that the money has been well spent. 

Shortly after the appetizer was completed between my partner and I, we were served our main courses with great timing. Below are the orders that we made:

My Order

“Grilled Octopus with potato salad, red pepper relish, white balsamic and olive tapenade”


For dinner that night, I ordered this beautifully grilled octopus. Coming to a higher-end restaurant, I was expecting the portions to be a bit small, however I thought that this was a reasonable amount to eat! The octopus was the perfect amount of chewy, packed with the flavor of the grill, and the natural sweetness of the octopus itself. In addition, the pairing with the white balsamic and olive tapenade was absolutely delectable – I devoured the entire plate with a great amount of satisfaction.  The potato salad and red pepper relish also balanced the different temperatures experienced while eating this course – the potato salad provided a fresh coolness to the tongue and also helped clear the palette for another great bite into the octopus. Chef Susur definitely did a successful job with this dish.

Company’s Order

“Susur’s Burger with american cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, pickle, tomato and fring’s sauce”


Before coming to Fring’s, I read up in previous reviews that Chef Susur was well-known for his Susur Burger or fried chicken. I bestowed this knowledge to my company for the night, and upon recommendation he order this dish for himself. On his account, it was “the best burger he’s had in his life” and the description of it in the menu definitely met its word. He actually devoured the burger in no time! I managed to sample some of his fries, and they were perfectly crisp and seasoned with sea salt, making them a great side for the dinner he had that night. I was happy to see that he enjoyed it so much! 

In addition to the birthday dinner, I also requested for a Coconut Creme Caramel Panacotta for surprise birthday dessert – it was a great sharing dessert packed with an array of sweet flavors, and was the perfect way to end the night. The panacotta was served with caramel jus and a crispy vanilla pastry; which was sprinkled with white powdered sugar and decorated with edible flowers. 


To be able to experience this popular and trendy restaurant with company was such an honour. Although it wouldn’t exactly be “practical” for the average foodie like myself to dine out like this every day, it is surely an experience that should happen on special occasions, such as the day I went! Fring’s brought about some high expectations for future high-end and lavish restaurant dining – and I cannot wait to potentially pay my next visit here in the near future. 


For more information on Fring’s – take a second to visit their website and find out how to reserve a table:



Plating – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Ambiance – ♡ ♡   

Taste – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡  

Service – ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


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